Is dry-cleaning allowed?
Nie wolno czyścić chemicznie.

How do I wash it?
Washing in water – by hand – press gently to get rid of the excess water, do not rub or squeeze.

How do I remove stains?
Heavily soiled spots should be gently rubbed with a sponge during washing.

What temperature should the curtains be washed in?
The temperature of washing should be 40°C.

What detergent do I use?
Use the detergents intended for delicate fabrics (the amount to be used should be recommended on the package.). Rinsing- from two to three times in hot water and once in cold one. Do not swirl or rub heavily.

How do I dry?
Dry vertically at room temperature (dripping).

How do I iron?
Iron the right side of the fabric (non-coated one) with moderately hot iron (up to 45 °C).

Can I obtain the 80x80 size rod or smaller of the 90x90 size angle rod?
Yes. The angle rod, the universal rod, and the suspension can be cut to any desired size. The cutting point is covered with a mounting holder masking rosette

How do I adjust the width of the curtain to my bathroom?
The width should be based on the space that we want to cover plus additional 20-30 cm. Our company offers shower curtains of three standard widths 180x200, 160x200, 120x200.

How do I adjust the size of curved rod to the semicircle bath-tub?
The size should be adjusted based on the length of the straight flanks of the bath-tube (shower-bath).